Preventive Care:

Physical Exam and Consultation / Preventive CareDiagnosis / Surgery / Dental Prophylaxis / Diets/Nutritional Counseling / Microchip / Flea Prevention / Heartworm Prevention


Preventive medicine or preventive care consists of measures taken to prevent diseases, (or injuries) rather than curing or treating their symptoms. The preventive care helps to increase the longevity and quality of the pet life along with lowering the total health care expenditure. 
Preventive care/prophylactic measures are divided between primary prophylaxis (to prevent the development of a disease) and secondary prophylaxis (whereby the disease has already developed and the patient is protected against worsening of this process).


Primary prophylaxis includes:
1.     Vaccinations
2.     Deworming
3.     Heart and Flea preventions
4.     Dental Prophylaxis


Secondary prophylaxis includes:
1.     A screening process which aims to identify individuals who exhibit early signs of disease by way of regular
a.     Comprehensive physical exams 
b.     Diagnostic work up/ nutritional and behavioral counseling to develop appropriate strategy to cure or slow down the progression of the disease.

At Queensdale Animal Hospital, we are passionate about preventive care and early detection of health problems in your pet using modern diagnostics tools.  We combine the service of skilled professionals to improve life-expectancy and quality of life.